Divine channelling, psychic readings and spirit guide contact in Lismore

Nick Turner, Angel of Light, has been a professional psychic medium for more than 19 years. Based in Lismore, Nick helps clients throughout the Northern Rivers region with spiritual healing, angel contact and new age therapies.

From a young age, Nick has been able to see into other realities, to connect with guides, angels and divine beings. As a medium, Nick passes on the truth as he receives it, granting his clients respect and the privacy they deserve.

Nick connects with clients through the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the font of physical and emotional consciousness from which all connections spring. Prior to a group or individual reading, Nick meditates, gathering information from the spirit guides so that he can deliver an accurate reading or healing.

Call Angel of Light for more information or to arrange an appointment. If you cannot get to Lismore to meet with Nick, we can arrange Skype readings and healings by request. 

Services and psychic abilities

Psychic — Psychic Medium in Lismore, New South Wales
Reading and Healing
Mediumship and Channelling
Meditation Instruction
Animal Communication

Frequently asked questions

Many of our clients come to us seeking answers to their deepest questions. Here are a few of the more practical queries we commonly receive. If you would like to know something not covered below, please contact us.

We do provide long distance readings via Skype. Use our contact form to arrange a Skype reading or healing.

Yes, in certain circumstances we can come to you. Please contact us to discuss your request in more detail. Our group sessions are for up to 15 people.

Angel of Light regularly attends festivals, exhibitions and fairs. View our events calendar to find out more about Nick’s next scheduled appearance.

Everyone has an aura, an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body. Auras manifest in a variety of colours and shapes and an aura photograph will show this. All our aura photographs come with an analysis report and optional psychic reading and interpretation.

Yes. Nick can have a telepathic conversation with your pet to ask her what is troubling her. This service is not a substitute for veterinary care. We do not diagnose health issues.

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