Energy balancing, angel contact, meditation lessons and animal communication available in person and via Skype

Readings and Healings

Nick uses healing energy to help ease what ails you. An energy imbalance can cause blocks and barriers in your life. Clearing negative energy and bringing your energies back into balance allows them to flow smoothly through your chakras, enhancing feelings of wellness, creativity and self worth. Whether you require spiritual or emotional healing or answers that can only be provided through clairvoyance, you will leave feeling restored and at peace.

Specialities include:

  • Psychic reading
  • Psychic healing
  • Energy balance & clearing
  • Medical intuitive sessions
  • Aura photography, analysis & interpretation
  • Skype readings & healings
Healing Books and Candle — Psychic Medium in Lismore, New South Wales

Readings can be done on a one to-one, individual basis or in groups of up to 15. For more information on our psychic readings or energy healing and how we can help you please contact us today.

Crystal Ball and Candle — Psychic Medium in Lismore, New South Wales

Mediumship and Channelling

As a psychic medium, Nick can commune with guardian angels and spirit guides to pass on messages from the spirit world. He also provides full body channelling, where a spirit enters his body so you can speak directly to them. In addition to contacting spirits, the Angel of Light has been blessed with the ability to contact the Ascended Masters, Lord Buddha and Lord Christ.

Let Nick be your conduit and provide:

  • Psychic mediumship/channelling
  • Guide & angel contact
  • Contact with the Ascended Masters

Services are available by appointment only, every day of the week. Please call to make a booking

Meditation Tuition

The health benefits of meditation are well recognised. Regular meditation can reduce stress, improve concentration and slow signs of ageing. Let Nick guide you on your journey to self-awareness, good health and happiness through meditation. Learn at a style and pace suited to you. Call to discuss joining a meditation class. Lessons priced from $25.

Healing Meditation — Psychic Medium in Lismore, New South Wales
Dog — Psychic Medium in Lismore, New South Wales

Animal Communication

Do you want to have a better understanding of your cat or dog? Animals use telepathy to communicate with each other and with humans. The Angel of Light has mastered the art of animal communication. By exchanging mental images, emotions and feelings, Nick can help improve the relationship between you and your pet.

Sessions start at $70, book now.

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